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Daily Brit Network is a network of local websites across the UK designed to make money from advertising and promoting local businesses. We began with our flagship site, Torquay Online, and are always on the lookout for talented marketers to join the network and run their own local sites.

Although it is possible to launch your own local site and earning platform, being part of Daily Brit has many benefits. These include:

Being part of a larger network means having more power when it comes to advertising to bigger businesses.

Being part of a larger network means we can share ideas and test things out together.

We already have knowledge of what works and what doesn't, so being part of our network means we will share this with you.

We will provide you with a ready-made website which will save you time.

To join the Daily Brit Network or find out more, please email

Current sites in the Daily Brit Network...

cardiff hub

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