As somebody who is sometimes critical of Islam as a religion, I too have been shocked to see this dreadful campaign aimed at causing many individual Muslims to live in fear of being attacked.

A while ago now, some posters were been distributed calling for people to do bad things to Muslims and today (April 3rd) was named as the date. So far, nobody has been able to find out who was responsible for the posters. My guess is that it was probably a fringe far-right group or supporters of one. I’m not going to upload a photograph of the campaign because I don’t think they deserve the publicity.

I am hopeful that no-one has taken these posters seriously, but there is a chance that a few idiots will have. If that is the case, anyone who tries to do one of the dreadful things listed on the posters should be treated as what they are – terrorists.

Why should innocent people be targeted for the actions of a few? Yes, the country has had issues with Islamic extremism, but this has also affected the Muslim communities too. Isis too – they have been responsible for some reprehensible things during their time, but the overwhelming majority of their victims have been Muslims.

Being part of the UK should mean that you have the right to go to work, school and about your daily business without having to fear being attacked by anyone. If anyone decides to take part in this sick campaign today, you have taken away that right from people.

I live in a South West town that doesn’t have many Muslims here, but if I did happen to see someone attacking a Muslim, I would do my best to make sure they are safe. I would advise to anyone living anywhere in the UK to do the same. Show the people who have set this terrible campaign up that we don’t agree with them. And show the Muslims living here, 99.99% of whom are peaceful people, that they shouldn’t live in fear of a few dickheads.

It’s fine to disagree with beliefs, but to target people holding those beliefs with violence is completely unnacceptable. What kind of horrible beliefs must you have if you think it’s acceptable to do so.

Hoping everybody stays safe today.

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