As Britain mourns over the potential split of Britain’s most iconic duo, the Daily Brit is trying to think of the silver lining to Britain’s dark and depressive cloud.

Ant heads off to rehab today to sort out his drinking problem. Although drink driving is not the best way to spend an evening, we do wish Ant all the best with his problems. We hope to see him back on our TVs very soon.

That is our hope, but the reality could be different. There’s a chance that Ant decides to step out of the limelight for a bit – or he could be sacked. In that case, we would like to put a few possibilities together as to who replaces Ant as Dec’s partner in crime.

One of Dick and Dom

dick and dom ant n dec

It’s true that Dick and Dom have been called “the Poundland Ant and Dec”, and both partnerships did begin their presenting careers on children’s TV. People would just have to decide what sounds better – Dec and Dick or Dec and Dom.

Or maybe Dick and Dom are now going to take over everything Ant and Dec do. Maybe they’ve been patiently waiting for this to happen for 20 years, preparing themselves for the right moment to strike – now is your chance boys.

Declan Meehan

declan meehan

 Not too many people will know who Declan Meehan is, but he is a long time Irish radio presenter who currently fronts the morning show and East Coast FM. He’s a long shot but imagine the naming possibilities – 2 Decs, Dec and Dec, or my personal favourite, Double Decker.


paul gascoigne gazza

 Who better than to fill the shoes of someone with a slight drinking problem than someone with a huge drinking problem. The shows would be a lot more unpredictable but sometimes that’s great for ratings. Gazza can have his own section where he tells stories about his friendship with Raoul Moat.

Ross Kemp

ross kemp

Now here’s a good one. Maybe Ross is sick and tired of risking his life interviewing gang members on a Saturday night and he could do with a little career change. A career change is nothing to him – he’s done it before, and I’m sure he could do it again. Dec could cover the more fun parts of the shows and Ross could deal with the serious bits. And the best thing – they could name their partnership Grant and Dec.

David Beckham

david beckham

 This is probably a long shot seen as though a lot of presenting involves remembering lines and reading from cue cards, and David probably has higher ambitions these days like owning a football team in Miami, but I’m sure Becks and Decs would be a national favourite.

We’re hoping it doesn’t come down to this, but if it were to, one of these lads would be able to do a half decent job of filling Ant’s shoes.

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