Update: Mark’s sentencing has been put back for a month. So he walks free today fortunately but it’s still not over.

In what can only be described as a disgraceful miscarriage of justice and ridiculous waste of taxpayer money, Mark Meechan, AKA Count Dankula, has been found guilty of sharing grossly offensive material to bring an end to the two-year witch hunt against him.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mark’s case. A couple of years ago, he shared a video of his girlfriend’s pug who he had taught to perform a nazi salute. He clearly stated on so many occasions that it was a practical joke, that he himself holds no views against Jewish people, and that he has no nazi beliefs.

This is absolutely outrageous. Some would argue that the video was in bad taste which is something that I don’t deny, but a crime? A hate crime? Give me a break.

So now, not only has this man been put through the stress of a two year case with a prison sentence hanging over him. Not only has this man not been able to find steady employment because of it. Not only has he been villified by left wing rags life Vice. But he now has a criminal record and he could go to jail because of a practical joke

It is a very sad day for this country and free speech.

I don’t know Mark, but from his videos, he comes across as an intelligent, funny and witty individual. Sending him to prison would be absolutely absurd, but so is the verdict.

It’s actually quite worrying that this precedent has been set. Throughout history, being British has been about having a stiff upper lip and seeing the funny side of things. Mark Meechan didn’t set out to offend anyone in his video – all he was aiming to do was to piss off his girlfriend.

Every single person involved in this scandal should be ashamed of themselves.

Mark will be sentenced at 2pm, when we will update this page with the news.

Good luck pal. We hope to see more of your videos very soon.

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