Happy Monday everyone. Seen as though I’m snowed in for the day, I thought I would go ahead with my re-branding of our site. It’s been about a year since the Daily Brit last existed, and for a number of reasons, I never quite had the time to get the site up and running again. But since I’ve been writing a lot lately, I figured now’s the right time to start up again.

For my first post on the new site, I want to concentrate on yesterday’s Speakers Corner down in Hyde Park. As Tommy Robinson had planned to speak at the event, I should have followed it more closely yesterday – as we all know, wherever Tommy goes these days, there’s usually something newsworthy to report on.

Anyway, yesterday Tommy and his supporters were out in full at Speakers Corner yesterday in defence of free speech. This is also something that I feel strongly about. I think that people are entitled to say what they want unless it literally calls someone into violence.

For example – it should be completely legal to stand up and say how much you dislike a certain religious text and you don’t respect it. It shouldn’t be legal to stand up and say that you think all followers of that religion should be killed. In the years of following Tommy Robinson, I have never once seen him call for anyone to use violence. I mean, he’s been in a few scrapes himself – but I’ve never seen him tell others to get involved.

Now I’m going to spend a bit of time today going through as many videos as I can from yesterday’s event – well the ones that haven’t been deleted by Youtube. I will say this though – it’s bloody encouraging to see such a turn out for something that I am a huge believer in.

Despite my encouragement at seeing such a good turnout, I was also shocked by a couple of videos that I saw. Unfortunately, the event didn’t go down without some violence.

Now with the amount of villification you see in the mainstream media for figures such as Tommy, the moment I mentioned violence some people would probably immediately assume it came from their side.

This was not the case, not the case at all.

Step up Abdul Hamid.

I hadn’t heard about Abdul until yesterday, but looking through his videos he looks and sounds a little bit like Barry the Jihadist convert from Four Lions (pictured below)and judging by some of his actions yesterday, he seems to be on the same level of intelligence as Barry.

There are a bunch of videos of this idiot causing trouble yesterday, but the one below is the worst one I’ve seen by far.

So this guy attends an event about defending free speech at a place that’s synonymous with free speech. He’s clearly on opposite ideological sides to the people speaking and wants to make them look bad. So what does he do?

Attacks someone with a fucking stick!

Now, in an ideal world I’d rest easily in the knowledge that this vile act is on camera and Mr Hamid will soon be in the custody of the police, but this is the MET we are talking about. It’s pretty certain that they won’t take any action on this matter until they have to, so I would suggest that everyone who sees this video reports this piece of dirt to the police using the link below.


This behaviour shouldn’t and won’t be tolerated. Until scum like this are locked up, the problem will never be solved.

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