I’m sure a great deal of us have seen the campaign ran by Stop Funding Hate. If you don’t, they are kind of a pressure group who targets companies who advertising on the Sun. the Daily Mail and the Express. They use tactics such as contacting and shaming the companies involved.

Although I don’t disagree with what they’re doing as such, I do have a couple of issues with them which I am going to explain now.

The first thing is the funding. How much does it cost to start a website and name and shame companies?

For instance, it cost me £7.99 to buy the Daily Brit domain and around £5 a month to host it. The website and branding was free as I did it all myself, as well as the content and social media management.

I’m not expecting the people at SFH to be website geniuses like myself, so lets say they paid a couple of grand for the website, a few hundred a month for people to manage their content and a bit of money on advertising to get the word out.

When you add all that up, I’d probably say they need about £15,000 a year to get the message out.

In a recent crowdfunding campaign, they managed to raise over £100,000 to help their cause. To be fair to them, they were only asking for £50,000.

What gets at me is that surely some people will be profiting from this campaign when they make out that they are doing it out of their own kindness.

Although this isn’t a huge issue – I’m all about that ££ so I can understand why they would want to make a bit of coin from the whole situation.

My biggest gripe is this – if you are going to be campaigning for businesses to stop paying other businesses because of their hateful content, you have to be unbiased.

Yes, the Sun, the Mail and the Express from time to time do publish content that can be classed as hateful. The vast majority of the content in question is anti-Islam, anti-open-borders and anti-refugee. I don’t like some of the stuff they write about myself.


If you are going to campaign for companies to stop funding hate on the right side of the fence, you need to do the same for the left.

Where is the campaign to stop people advertising on Vice, Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post, who regularly post the most despicable shit about white people and seem to get a pass.

If anything, these rags are worse than the three that SFH is talking about.

Although sometimes articles in the Sun, the Mail and the Express can be racist in an insinuating manor, they never full on bash a person based on the colour of their skin. This can’t be said of the three organisations I mentioned.

It’s not just Vice, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post, but these three are probably the ones who make more money from selling advertising space on their disgraceful racist articles.

Stop Funding Hate – if you want to change history, you need to be consistent about it – otherwise you are being dishonest in your intentions.



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